Saturday, March 24, 2007

Japan: Beagle 1/12 Mospeada Rider Armor

If some of you recall, we have seen a company called CMS Corporation with plans to produce a MOSPEADA "Alpha" and "Beta" for next year. Now watch out. The support for Mospeada continues in Japan as a company named Beagle will be producing 1/12 scale transformable Mospeada "Cyclones" toys for 2008. These Cyclones will be made of ABS plastic and die cast metal. These will be brand new sculpts and all 4 model types will be made. They are exclusively made for the Japanese market for the Japanese series of Mospeada. These are not made for "Robotech" and are not plan for a direct release in America.

Mospeada is the original Japanese TV series that Robotech used to create The New Generation Saga. Mospeada has been pretty dead in Japan since the 1980's but there's been a renew interest. Some say Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles has caused this in Japan, where Robotech is virtually unknown. However, there are still a couple of die-hard Mospeada fans in Japan to support these efforts. With the upcoming release of the Alpha, Beta, and now Cyclone for the Japanese market by Japanese companies, this may create serious competition. Toynami, the American company that produces Robotech toys has only recently announced their transformable Cyclone line along with more Alpha toys based on Shadow Chronicles. Will Harmony Gold allow the import of these new Mospeada toys or seal them off to help Toynami sell their own versions? Time will tell, but anyone could tell you that the Japanese products are often superior in quality.

Note: We are talking about the Japanese Mospeada series. These toys are being created exclusive for Japan for Mospeada. They are not for Robotech and has no direct plans for release in America.


Thanks odyn for the news.


Anonymous said...

Some say Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles has caused this in Japan, where Robotech is virtually unknown.

People who say that don't know Japan. CM's is also releasing toys of Ippatsuman, Baangaan, Go Shogun, Daguon, Vifam, Goldrun, Rijin-Oh, Exkizer, Fighbird, Galian, and VOTOMS, and there's no American spinoff of those. CM's simply specializes in toys for obscure robot anime that the bigger companies like Bandai, Takara, and Gakken once licensed but gave up on years ago, thanks to shrinking customer base.

Just remember that next year is the 25th anniversary of Mospeada, and that CM's and Beagle didn't exist five years ago during the last anniversary. Imai and Nippon Columbia did exist before, which is why every five years like clockwork, we've been getting new Mospeada model and DVD releases. (Even though Imai failed to get out of bankruptcy for the fourth time in 2002.)

Anonymous said...

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