Thursday, March 15, 2007

Help and Promote Michael Bradley's CD

As all of you should know by now, Michael Bradley (song writer and singer of Lancer/Yellow Dancer) has released his long awaited Robotech remake CD entitled Lonely Soldier Boy. However, Bradley is still not receiving enough sales and needs your support if you want to see more Robotech work from him.

Robotech fan that goes by the name Rhade has received this email from Michael:
"The sales have been pretty good so far...but could be a lot better. I'm sure as time goes on and we keep publicizing it and reaching out to fans who may not know about it, the sales will continue. Thanks for writing and thanks SO much for your support!"

I personally wrote Michael an e-mail about how much fans can make a difference no matter when they decide to buy and he replied with this:
"And, yes, any purchase at any or weeks from now would be greatly appreciated! The future of other ROBOTECH related products coming from my company depends on the success of this CD. I think the sales will be a barometer of the interest level of the public...and I would love to do more songs from the ROBOTECH saga...acoustic versions, live versions...we've even discussed Khristina K doing the Minmei songs and the female songs from ROBOTECH: THE MOVIE."

So please support Michael Bradley and his projects by buying his Lonely Soldier Boy CD and the MP3 single!

Available Exclusively from Michael Bradley's Site:'s Interview with Michael Bradley:

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