Monday, April 23, 2007

Robotech Shadow Chronicles RPG Update!

There's been some updates and news about the Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles RPG.
Here's what Palladium has to say:
"Sometimes things don’t materialize as quickly as you’d hope, and all you can do is keep working at it.

That has been the case with the Robotech® RPG license. Hammering out the final contract has had long delays for one reason or another, but we think we are finally on track. The current draft is in our hands and we hope to have a done deal soon!

Harmony Gold, USA is happy to be working with Palladium Books again, and the feeling is mutual. We can hardly wait to be doing Robotech® again.

We are tentatively shooting for an August release, but it could drop into the Fall. We will keep you posted.

We can let you in on the inside track with some of our plans for the new RPG series.

The first book will be Robotech® The Shadow Chronicles. We haven’t decided completely yet, but it may include a lot of the New Generation/Invid Invasion/Mospeada information, as Shadow Chronicles picks up where Invid Invasion leaves off.

It will be a 192-224 page “manga-sized” book. So will the subsequent supplements.

Price will be an irresistible $15.95 retail. You heard right, $15.95 because we want everybody to buy one without hesitation.

The Shadow Chronicles® RPG will probably be followed by the Macross-based sourcebook, followed by Southern Cross and new stuff.

Yes, we will be updating, correcting, and adding to the original books. These will not be reprints of our old titles.

I am also considering doing a deluxe collector’s, hardcover edition with some interior color pages, similar to what we did with Rifts® Ultimate Edition at the usual 8 1/2 x 11 format. If we did, it wouldn’t see publication until Fall or possibly early 2008. Everything is still in the planning and concept stage, so nothing is written in stone. Let us know what you think.

Summer or Fall "


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