Thursday, September 20, 2007

Shadow Rising & Funimation deal LEAKED!

I'm not going to say a lot about this. I can say that it's hard to really know if this is for real or not. The leak seems unusual for Harmony Gold to hand over very important documents and information to someone who claims he's basically a stranger to Tommy and Steve. This may just be a hoax, but we'll see.

I am linking to the original post on RDF HQ for everyone. Expect this person's blog and other information to disappear from the face of the planet within a few days once Harmony Gold learns about this.


Chris Meadows said...

I have to say that, after thinking about it, I'm 99% convinced that the whole thing is fake. The "treatment" reads like what-if fanfic, and it's unrealistic in the extreme that Tommy and Steve would be so careless, or that if they were, the leaker would provide so much information that could be used to identify himself (such as where he had dinner with Tommy and Steve) when he revealed the leaked material. The JPEGs don't look like real scans of typed pages, and the icing on the cake is that the blog magically appeared out of nowhere and was first spotted by an avowed Tommy-hater.

Sure, the shock of it all showing up lends it a certain veneer of credibility on first glance, but after looking at it for a bit there's just too much wrong with it for it to be true.

Anonymous said...

from grandmasterp

I got the same email last night from what seems to be the author of the web blog.

Anonymous said...

From Grandmasterp
Editing myself. It was weds night i got the email

Anonymous said...

> The "treatment" reads like what-if fanfic

Despite what you may have convinced yourself to believe, SO DID THE SHADOW CHRONICLES.

Anonymous said...

Prelude "Treatment":

The REF prepares to take back Earth from the Invid. The SDF-3 fails to show up because it is under attack by a new alien race called Haydonites. Final battle on earth begins.

Mind you, the Haydonites masterminded many events of Robotech so they can rid galaxy of protoculture. The give humanity Shadow Technology to destroy the Invid. The Haydonites in turn will use Shadow Tech to destroy humans.

Meanwhile, an all new character Captain Grant goes to find SDF-3. Finds Haydonites attacking, leaves Rick and heads back to warn Moon Base.

On Earth, Ariel develops superpowers. Scott returns to Moon Base. Ariel learns some dark secret about the Haydonites, and flies through the cosmos to warn Scott.

I could go on, but no. This fiction is just as much a FAN FIC as what that guy posted on his blog. Sorry Master. Pwned.